Ni ella ni yo pensamos disculparnos por nuestras palabras. No se disculpa el sol aunque queme ni la luna aunque en ocasiones aterre. Yo amo, todo aquello que pueda ser amable, y como me rehúso a esconderme, he aquí mi escape.

16 sep. 2013

Letter from a damned. I need you to show up.

We all have a breaking point.
We all have someone who brings out the worst in us.We all have someone we don't want to see because makes us be all we don't want to be.Have you imagined how it is to live with such a person?Have you ever thought how it would be dealing with that someone every single day of your life?And it happens that, when you're faced to that breaking point, you can't breathe well, if you're me, at least, you won't even be able to think clearly. Nor you or your abilities would ever be enough to satisfice that person who's your breaking point 'cause the only reason of his life is to break you, to destroy you, so who cares if you try?No one cares if you're about to fall in pieces, they only care if you fullfil their expectations. Let's be honest, you're in this world to be useful not to be happy. I guess.But sometimes you also have a point of rebuilding. Someone who makes you feel complete again, something that fills your heart and soul. Someone who rescues you. I guess I had him, he made me feel alive when I was dying.And then he left. I'm here just waiting for something to be my point of rebuilding again because this situation just keeps getting worse. I'm about to fall in pieces. I need you, I need someone.I don't want to keep carrying everything by myself. So, would you please show up?
I still love you, dear, even if I'm not the one who's going to rebuild your life. 

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