Ni ella ni yo pensamos disculparnos por nuestras palabras. No se disculpa el sol aunque queme ni la luna aunque en ocasiones aterre. Yo amo, todo aquello que pueda ser amable, y como me rehúso a esconderme, he aquí mi escape.

24 ene. 2014

Última parte.

(Esto es lo último que me quedó por subir. Todo ha salido de la libreta que llevo siempre conmigo, así que perdónenme las faltas de sentido y los cambios de idea.)


Who was that said it?
You could walk straight through hell with a smile.
Guess what am I doing?
Be whatever you want to be,
I want to be,
I choose to be,
something they can not understand,
something they could not control.
I rather be me than anything they might want me to be.
As simple as that, it's the way I like it.
And it doesn't look at all as I remember it, it doesn't seem so good.
It looks worse that I could've ever thought.
I guess it's just the natural way of things.
Human evolution.
World's destiny.
As if it were so easy or, perhaps, so quick.
As if it didn't mean you would have to sacrifice your pride while you walk into that place.
Sad, you see?
It's pathetic.
I used to feel something, if not love at least some kind of fondness, when I thought about this place.
Now I feel nothing but shame.
I'm terribly ashamed.


How are you so reliant on luck?
Have you ever gotten something out of luck, more than thin air?
Have you ever seen how luck moves?
It's all so unexpected and unreliable.


Life can last an eternity,
all the wonders of this world
can be summarized in just one simple story.
Just one image and I'll tell you how can it all be added up to those pieces of a puzzle that's not meant to be solved.
I try, you see, I look for a way for it to make sense.
I don't find one.
My mind's messed up.


Once upon a time, a long, long, time ago, there was this little love. It was small, really tiny, all naive and good-hearted. There wasn't much to be done about it, it was entirely independant and self suficient. It was a love as they can only be it once in life. But it got lost. One day it forgot all the directions people have ever given to it and got lost. It was a bad time, a really bad one. It had gotten lost in what was once its kingdom. And that wasn't nice. It was a real, full mess.
And as he got lost, so did I.

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