Ni ella ni yo pensamos disculparnos por nuestras palabras. No se disculpa el sol aunque queme ni la luna aunque en ocasiones aterre. Yo amo, todo aquello que pueda ser amable, y como me rehúso a esconderme, he aquí mi escape.

3 feb. 2014

I guess I can't actually tell whether I like it or not. 
This situation, I mean.
The fact of meeting someone and then feeling you've known them your whole life. The fact of playing the same game you love playing and finding out it could get even better if they play.
And I want to play. I want it really bad.
It's been a long, long time since my last serious game, since last time I decided it was worth the effort.
See, I haven't really played in a while. Why? I hadn't seen the point. Why would I play if it's not fun?
Now it's fun.
Now I think I can teach and learn. 
I definitely like those rules for a game.
And closeness, which is close to my main requests.
I guess I can't tell right now if I'm playing or not. 
I need to find out a little more.
But even if I don't get to play, it's fun.

Gosh, I had a long time without just letting it flow with someone. It's nice to see I can just talk and they'll catch up no matter the language I use.

I don't actually like spanglish but sometimes it's just great. 
I'll keep switching and playing. 
See you.

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